5 Living Room Trends That Are Here to Stay

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Inspiring interior design is about creating a unique atmosphere while also making a statement, and that process is an inherently personal and forever-evolving one. While some fashions come and go like the tide, there are a handful of modern-day living room trends that we don’t anticipate fading anytime soon. 

5 Living Room Trends That Are Here to Stay, Colorado Style Home Furnishings

1. Keep it open and inviting

Homes today focus on open floor plans, which are great for entertaining. Since this is the main stage of your party and where your family and friends will gather, you'll want to set the mood with an exceptional living room full of personality that defines your style. Create a space that is warm, welcoming and encourages conversation. While seating can be very specific to a room, incorporating a mix of sofas and chairs or a well-placed sectional can create a room you’ll enjoy with family and friends so that nobody is left out of the conversation. Try experimenting with placement to create that perfect configuration. 

5 Living Room Trends That Are Here to Stay, Colorado Style Home Furnishings

2. Rules are made to be broken

When it comes to great style, there are no rules. If most of your furniture is traditional, add a unique contemporary piece. Add a pop of color, a splash of bling, or a dash of whimsy with accessories, artwork, rugs or pillows. Mixing and matching styles brings a room to life. The nicest, most comfortable spaces actually mix many different stylesbut too much mixing can overwhelm the senses. Mix just the right amount of style and the room will feel like an extension of your personality.

3. Luxury must be functional

Luxurious style will translate to a living room if it serves its true purpose of providing comfort, serenity and true relaxation. With luxury comes higher quality, more customized choices and furniture that will last longer. Pick a sofa that invites friendly conversations but is also perfect to curl up with a good book under a cozy throw blanket. Choose a sophisticated coffee table that you can kick your feet up on while also revealing a hidden built-in chess set folded inside that nobody expected.

5 Living Room Trends That Are Here to Stay, Colorado Style Home Furnishings

4. Make it your own, one-of-a-kind

Each and every tiny detailfrom your hand-picked fabric to custom-designed hardwarecan be customized and designed to deliver your aesthetic feel and tell your specific story.  Multi-functional details, comfortable high-end styles combined with no-fuss functionality can be customized down to the smallest detail. Celebrate your individuality, your personality and your styleit’s here to stay!

5 Living Room Trends That Are Here to Stay, Colorado Style Home Furnishings

5. Make a statement

More often than not, today’s living room designs highlight one truly breathtaking item, a fun dynamic statement that catches the eye. Whether it’s a sofa, a credenza or artwork, it should tell a story and support all the other objectives mentioned in this article: it encourages conversation, defies traditional rules and invites luxury and spunk into your living space. 

When you’re ready to give your living room a facelift, you now know where to start.

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