5 Fabulous Interior Design Trends

From organic touches and an emphasis on personal expression to home-as-haven thinking, here's what's on our radar

​As seasons change, so do style trends in home design. Fresh furniture and home décor collections are emerging, and we’ve definitely noticed a pattern of creative ideas and design concepts. As new trends enter the scene, old ones exit, making space for new perspectives. Here are the interior design trends for spring 2022.

Transitional Design


If your style is neither traditional nor modern, why not try something in the middle? Transitional design takes elements from both ends of the style spectrum and focuses on striking a balance between luxury and comfort, masculine and feminine, and old and new pieces. Bringing together elements from various design styles creates a cohesive design that updates classics with a fresh, modern feel.

Leather Furniture

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Leather furniture adds a sense of luxurious refinement to any space and is always a great choice, no matter your style- modern, traditional, bohemian, eclectic, etcetera. And you don’t need to fill your room with wall-to-wall leather- one well-chosen sofa, pair of leather chairs, or weathered ottoman is all it takes to add beauty and depth to your space.

Nature-Inspired Surfaces and Objects

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Organic touches in a home add depth and soul to a space and give your home a calm, restorative ambiance. Materials like stone, terracotta, marble and travertine are wildly popular as people seek to strengthen their connection with nature inside their homes.


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Once you’ve chosen the foundational pieces for your home, it’s time to infuse the space with your own unique touch.  Show your personality with a favorite paint color, textured wall hanging, art that speaks to you, cherished travel mementos and/or meaningful photos. Add in a few colorful accent pillows and comfy throws and line shelves with books and vibrant potted plants.

Comfort First, Comfort Last, Comfort Always

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When you spend your days juggling work, school, busy families and all that needs to get done in a day, your home needs to be your sanctuary. Create a living space that oozes comfort and ease. Center your space with an inviting sectional in a practical leather or other performance fabric or a cozy chenille or woven cotton. Choose a model with loose-back cushions for an informal and relaxed feel. Make sure there are plenty of seating options for family and friends. Try a pair of swivel chairs that can be turned to face the conversation, a stunning view of the television.

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