5 Components of the Perfect Mudroom

The mudroom is aptly named. It’s the first point of entry for a homeowner—where jackets and muddy boots are removed, where dogs shake off the morning dew from their paws, and where children leave their backpacks when they come home from school. It’s also the last room you use as you leave your home, grabbing all your essential items—keys, bag, perhaps an umbrella—before going about your busy day.

Although it’s a high-traffic, transitional area, this part of your home does not need to be muddy, or even in disarray! While the mudroom doesn’t claim all the glitz and glamour that the great room or dining area might, it still can be chic, stylish, and incredibly efficient, down to the last detail.

Here are five key features of a maximized mudroom.


Without hooks, where would you store your jackets, scarves, dog leashes, purses and bags? While a closet door with hangers is efficient for heavier outerwear, hooks offer that quick, grab-and-go convenience—especially with children and pets in the mix.


Open, horizontal surfaces can display items that need to be easily seen and accessed, like hats, running gear, or keys.


Built-in drawers down below will keep everything looking orderly, organized, and contained—keeping in-season items at close reach while avoiding visual clutter. 


A built-in bench provides a comfortable spot for lacing up shoes and pulling off boots, as well as grabbing items from built-in drawers.


Oftentimes, homeowners don’t take proper advantage of vertical storage, but it can be the perfect spot for stowing away off-season gear. In the summer, winter hats, gloves, and scarves can be stored in decorative bins on an overhead shelf. In the winter, swimming accessories can take their spots.

BONUS: For the ultimate mudroom design, use all of these components together to maximize space and peace of mind.

Kristin Becker is a design consultant with California Closets in Colorado. California Closets is a California-based company that specializes in creating custom storage systems for your bedroom closets, home office, entryway, garage, pantry and more. View their profile or contact Kristin at 303.319.6202.

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