3 Things You Didn't Know Your Kitchen Could Do

Bluetooth updates, a huge design trend, and way to clear your countertops of eyesore appliances.

Technology is constantly evolving, and when it comes to kitchen appliances, advancements translate to not only convenience and efficiency—but also serious style. Check out these three kitchen possibilities that can transform what it means to design your dream kitchen.

1. WiFi can significantly enhance your kitchen experience.

Many people think that WiFi-enabled kitchen appliances are all about convenience, and make no mistake, they are. But they’re also incredibly practical and luxurious for the culinary-inclined. On top of the ability to, say, preheat your oven while lying out by the pool, you can also can gain access to new recipes as they become available. Instead of thumbing through a recipe book, you can simply choose that Neapolitan pizza recipe you just downloaded and set the preprogrammed temperature and cooking time instantly — all with the touch of a button. And when an appliance is in need of repair, WiFi saves the day once again, with the ability to signal the service provider of any potential needs, thus eliminating the initial in-person diagnostic service call—and when the provider arrives ready to fix the problem, they’ll be even more prepared with all the correct parts.

2. You can hide your appliances in plain sight.

Panel-ready appliances are one of the biggest trends in kitchen design this year. The concept provides the ability to transform an appliance’s facade from stainless steel into what looks like cabinetry—creating a seamless, uninterrupted aesthetic to the eye. You can completely camouflage that large, intrusive refrigerator and even the dishwasher door. Who wants to see that, anyway?

3. You can finally get rid of that eyesore of a toaster.

With the advent of appliances like, for example, the Advantium oven, you now can combine multiple appliances in one—like a combination of your microwave, toaster, and speed-cooking oven. Say goodbye to those pesky appliances and hello to more counter space. All of a sudden those uncluttered countertops you see in the magazines have become much more realistic.

Elise Raydo Kersh is Designer Engagement Leader with Monogram, an appliance company that creates premium products with high style, superior craftsmanship and award-winning technology, raising the bar on what’s possible in the kitchen. View their profile or see Monogram for yourself at the Monogram Design Center inside Specialty Appliances in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

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