3 Mudrooms We Love, and Why

They may have a messy reputation, but these transition spaces are tidy works of art.

Mudrooms may have a messy reputation, but a well-designed transition space can be remarkably tidy. When done right, a top-notch mudroom will be outfitted with organization spaces galore—where everything has its place and can be easily tucked away for safe keeping and quick exits and entrances.

Sit back, kick off your boots, and take a look at these three mudrooms, which have stolen our heart with their form and function.

Blue and sleek

This sophisticated blue built-in is a one-stop shop in this home’s high-traffic zone. A thick cushion invites you to sit and untie your shoes, and the oversized drawers with finger pulls are the perfect hiding spot for dirty galoshes. The molding designates individual cubbies without invading the sitting space, and there are individual coat racks for each member of the family.

All things considered

This light and bright dove-gray melamine mudroom is all about organization. Each family member has their own open-locker of sorts, with plenty of hanging space for jackets and shelves for shoes. Rows of cabinets, drawers, shelves, and baskets allow for plenty of accessories at arm’s reach—without the visual clutter. In addition to a workbench for household projects and a slat wall for hanging tools, this space also boasts a mini-fridge for cool refreshments. With square footage like this devoted solely to storage, we doubt you’ll leave the house without everything you need.

Colorado casual

This transition space is the mother of mudrooms—complete with a special hanging rack for your Rocky Mountain skis. A wraparound bench with cushions is a comfortable spot for removing shoes and quickly storing them in the shelves below. Hidden storage allows for easy access to large items like blankets and cushions, and coats, hats, backpacks, and scarves can be hung on the hooks above. Overhead cabinets maximize space, and decorative corbels add texture and elegance. For a space you’re eventually supposed to leave, this mudroom entices us to stay a while.

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