110 Years of Poltrona Frau Furniture

Founded in 1912, the historic Italian leather atelier has evolved into a global design authority
2014 Albero By Gianfranco Frattini And Grantorino By Jean Marie Massaud

Albero by Gianfranco Frattini and GranTorino by Jean-Marie Massaud

This year, the historic Italian leather atelier Poltrona Frau celebrates 110 years of design, evolution and heritage through landmark collaborations and the vision of a more sustainable future. The brand is set to introduce a limited-edition armchair and a new collection in 2022.

2016 Lepli By Kensaku Oshiro And Ren By Neri And Hu

Lepli by Kensaku Oshiro and Ren by Neri and Hu

Poltrona Frau, a leader in high-end made-in-Italy furniture, has proven success through its versatility over the past century. Starting in 1912, Poltrona Frau began furnishing cruise ships and cars. Fast forward 14 years later, and they’re the appointed supplier of the Italian Royal family.

2018 Cestlavie By Gamfratesi

Cestlavie by GamFratesi

This year, as the celebrations of the 110th year are underway, customers can browse several new pieces, including a limited-edition collaboration with a well-known international artist, who will interpret one of Poltrona Frau’s icons through an unexpected language of vibrant colors. The piece will be upholstered with Pelle Frau Impact Less Leather, which is made without the use of chromium for a reduced environmental impact. To celebrate this significant milestone, Poltrona Frau will produce 110 pieces with this special edition design. This projection of the brand to unexplored design horizons has built excitement around the upcoming introductions.

2013 Gran Torino By Jean Marie Massaud

Gran Torino by Jean-Marie Massaud

When the company celebrated its centenary back in 2012, the book “Poltrona Frau. The Intelligence of the Hands,” was published. This year it will be rereleased with an addendum that describes the evolution that’s occurred within the brand over the last ten years.

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