Editorial Standards

Editorial Standards

About the homes we publish:

To be considered for publication, homes must be finished, furnished and lived in. We do not publish homes that are for sale.

We strongly prefer to publish homes that have not yet appeared elsewhere. On rare occasions, based on the editor’s discretion, we will make an exception if, for example, the entire home has not been published or the coverage was in a publication that has little to no crossover readership with CH&L.

For additional information on how to submit a home or what the editors are looking for, please refer to our “Passport to Publication,” available by clicking the “Publish My Home” button on the website’s homepage.

About published errors:

We make every effort to fact-check all of the information in every issue. When we make a mistake, we run a correction alongside the letter from the editor in the next available issue.

About resources related to home features:

We ask interior designers and architects to provide us with a list of the people, products and services that were involved in making our featured homes distinctive. We rely on these professionals to provide accurate, complete information. If your business has been omitted from a resource list, please let us know and we will make a correction online. If you know that CH&L is featuring a home that you worked on, be sure to ask the designer or architect to include you in the list of resources he or she provides the magazine.

About special advertising sections:

As a standard rule, we mark all content that is paid for by an advertiser “Special Advertising.” This is a practice that every high-quality magazine in the industry follows because the content is inherently different from what the editors cover. Editors choose the homes featured in typical editorial coverage based solely on their discretion and the standards they’ve set. In this instance, the coverage is attached to a particular advertising and promotional campaign—one that is likely very good for the magazine, of course, but is different from the regular editorial offerings. We don’t want readers, advertisers, competitors or trade professionals wondering if CH&L gives editorial coverage to whomever buys it; it weakens our credibility in the marketplace. So the simple and honest solution is to delineate the advertorial with the “Special Advertising” notice.

About press trips:

Like many publications, we do not guarantee coverage before participating in a press trip, though we only accept invitations to places we think might fit well with our coverage areas and interest our readers. This policy keeps us from merely covering the companies who have the time and money to host press trips, and it allows us to maintain the highest standard of integrity.

About our annual contests:

CH&L runs several annual contests: Home of the Year, Kitchen of the Year, Bath of the Year and Landscape of the Year. For these contests, we welcome submissions year-round.

Click here for our submission and deadline information for the current "Of the Year" contests.