Announcing: Our IKEA office makeover!

We have some exciting news: We’re getting ready to move! And the sleek Swedish home furnishings company IKEA will be outfitting our new office space (that we share with our sister publication, Mountain Living). We’re not traveling far—just across the street here in Denver, in fact. But we’ll be upgrading to a larger floor plan with more space for individual offices and cubicles, 50 combined years of back issues, all of our various “gear” for events (you know, magazine racks, wine glasses, folders and bags, etc.), and even a hip common area for eating lunch, casual midday conversations or meetings, or simply taking a moment to breathe. What has to go? The stacks of magazine boxes in our hallways and corners (see below photos; they’re caving in on us!); cramped storage space where things are stashed and never seen again; heavy, traditional office furniture; and the bold “Hermès Forest” orange-and-chocolate-brown color scheme that’s colored our walls for the past seven years. (It’s a dramatic, high-style palette, but we’re ready for something a little more serene.)


And what’s to come? We’ll choose new carpet, paint and wallpaper, and coordinate with IKEA’s home furnishings consultants to find smart pieces that meet our needs efficiently and create that modern, clean look we’re after. Members of the staff will get the chance to personalize their workspaces, too, by choosing their own IKEA accessories—organizers, boxes, and those desktop essentials that keep stray papers and wayward office supplies in place. And both publishers will be getting brand-new sleek spaces, decked out from floor to ceiling with IKEA office furnishings. (ML’s publisher Holly Scott is dreaming of a low-profile filing system; CH&L’s publisher Jen Williams needs an ergonomic workspace and wants everything to be neatly “tucked away.”) In the weeks ahead, we’ll be using this blog to chronicle the move and the makeover, sharing about the process and how we work with IKEA to create smart, stylish spaces. Stay tuned for updates, photos of products and progress, and, of course, the big reveal in mid-April! Want to play along with us, or organize your own space? Click here to browse IKEA’s collection of office furniture and accessories to find your favorites.

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