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Vacation rental clubs let you stay in expensive homes without all the worries of home ownership—no wonder they’re so popular. And lucky for Coloradans, four of these companies are based right here in our own backyard.


Exclusive Resorts

The Gist: Founded 10 years ago, Exclusive Resorts is Colorado’s original destination club, with 3,500 members and 400 mountain, beach, golf and city properties worldwide. Destinations include Sea Island, Ga., Jackson Hole, Wyo., Costa Rica, Vail and Paris (to name a few). Membership opens the door to all of the club’s properties.

How to Join: Similar to a country club, members pay an initiation fee ($110,000 to $500,000), plus annual dues ($10,000 to $60,000), depending on the level of membership (between 10 and 60 vacation days per year). Bonus: Members who pay for a “full” membership can expect a 75 percent refund on the front-end fee if they choose to leave the club.

Member Perks: Most of the homes were designed and built by Exclusive Resorts to meet the club’s desired specifications (read: large kitchens, luxury finishes and open floor plans), promising consistency among the properties. Also, most of the homes are built adjacent to luxury resorts and hotels where the club has negotiated access to amenities such as swimming pools, beach clubs and gyms.

Perfect For: Well-to-do world travelers looking to take luxury trips with family and friends (homes typically sleep six to 10 people) and wanting personalized support (members are assigned to a membership service manager).

More Info:, (866) 863-2688






The Gist: Founded by the creators of Exclusive Resorts, this club is a hybrid of a rental club and a traditional destination club. Members pay a one-time fee to join, plus annual dues. That buys deeply discounted (up to 80 percent off) nightly rates at an extensive portfolio of five-star properties in locales such as Santa Barbara, Utah, Las Vegas, Tuscany, Maui and even Kenya. Rather than own the properties, the club controls them under a long-term lease, which keeps the initiation fee low.

How to Join: Members pay a $15,000 initiation fee, plus $2,500 in annual dues. Add to that a nightly rental fee whenever they stay at a property.

Member Perks: Members can travel to the properties as often or as little as they want; there are no regulations or rules about number of days they can stay, nor are there blackout periods during holidays or peak times. Getaways also come with complimentary concierge service and access to nearby resort amenities.

Perfect For: Those looking for a mid-priced destination club that offers many of the benefits found at more expensive clubs, plus plenty of flexibility.

More Info:, (303) 586-7771





Cuvée Escapes

The Gist: This high-end rental company requires no membership fee to stay at its privately owned vacation properties. These luxury homes, which average $9 million in value and offer about four bedrooms each, are located at five-star resort destinations (including the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons) in Vail, Beaver Creek, Hawaii, Mexico and the Bahamas—with homes in Napa Valley and Italy coming soon.

How to Join: Clients simply pay a nightly rate—which ranges between $1,500 and $10,000 depending on the location and season—rather than a membership fee, to stay at the properties. Reservation requests can be submitted through the club’s website.

Member Perks: The rental fee includes access to a local concierge who will vet and arrange meals with private chefs, spa treatments, ski lessons, deep-sea fishing excursions and other luxury services. Also included is discounted private-jet pricing via Jet Linx (, and since Cuvée owns most of the homes it rents, the properties feature high-end, locally inspired décor, flatware and linens.

Perfect For: The jetsetter looking for ultra-luxury rental accommodations, minus the fees, contracts and commitment associated with traditional destination clubs. (It’s like VRBO for the well-heeled traveler.)

More Info:, (866) 969-5050




Quintess Collection

The Gist: Three individual clubs make up the Quintess Collection, each tailored to a different kind of traveler. Quintess, a traditional destination club, offers access to multi-million-dollar homes that generally sleep larger groups. The destination club Duo offers smaller luxury homes and condos for couples, empty-nesters and those who don’t want to travel in groups. And Tour, a golf club, delivers access to residences at high-end resorts and private clubs around the country. This collection of five-star homes spans destinations like New York City, Amelia Island, Fla., Nantucket and Aspen, to name a few.

How to Join: The initiation fee with Quintess runs about $180,000, with an additional $1,425 per night in dues. This buys as many as 21 nights with access to travel during the holidays (which is divided among members via lottery). It also gains access to the Duo and Tour residences. To join Duo, members pay a $90,000 initiation fee, plus $825 in dues per number of nights. Tour members pay $20,000 for membership, plus $6,000 in annual dues.

Member Perks: Membership includes complimentary travel planning, daily housekeeping and private club access at each of the destinations. Also, members can take advantage of the “Beyond” program: For a surcharge, they can sign up for all-inclusive trips to exotic or seasonal destinations where the club does not own homes (think Kenya or the Galapagos Islands).

Perfect For: The wanderlust-afflicted looking for a wide variety of travel experiences.

More Info:, (800) 550-0324







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