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CH&L: Clients come to you for...
Rachael Clendenning: Clients come to me for many things including but not limited to: all types of flooring and hard surface finishes, design concepts and creative uses of materials as well as product knowledge.

CH&L: Your design philosophy is...
RC: My design philosophy is to incorporate the principles of design into my work and urge clients to pursue designs and more importantly materials that are timeless rather than short lived trends. By focusing on clients needs and functions within their space I am able to translate the principles of design into a framework for a solid and efficient design solution.

CH&L: Your style is influenced by...
RC: My style is influenced solely by my clients. Each client brings with them individual needs and wants for the aesthetic/function of their space. These individual needs and wants help me as a designer to assist my client in selecting appropriate finishes that will help convey a style that is right for them.

CH&L: You’re passionate about...
I am very passionate about my career here at Cory Maupin Sales! The design and building industry is a constantly evolving field which requires you to stay on top of latest design trends and product knowledge. I learn so many new things every day here at Cory Maupin that help with my understanding of not only the products themselves but also how they are installed and what are the different ways to improve those installations. Continuing education and advancements in materials keep me hungry for more and passionate about what I do!  

CH&L: The most inspiring thing you’ve seen lately is...
As a designer the most inspiring thing I have seen lately is all of the new construction/redevelopment going on through out the Denver Metro area.  This is encouraging because new construction equals materials and services needed!  In our country’s current economic state I feel fortunate to live in Denver where people want to remodel and commercial developers are scoping out new property on a regular basis! 

CH&L: Share with us one of your favorite pieces in your showroom right now.
A new full body porcelain tile line called WORD UP. It is street art that has become décor. One specific tile in this line looks like brick with graffiti already placed on it. It is a creative way to give a domestic setting and urban aesthetic!

CH&L: What do you bring to the table that’s new and different?
Cory Maupin Sales offers our clients many ways to stay connected and on top of the latest trends and product knowledge. One of our newest/different ventures has been a program that continually updates our blog, facebook and twitter pages on a regular basis! It allows our clients to receive updates on everything from materials, install and product care. For Cory Maupin this is a way to maintain our web presence and keep our clients informed!

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