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The Top 10 Most Expensive Street Names in Colorado

Avid home shoppers have all done itseen a wildly expensive home listing and then hopped in the car to drive by and see it in person. One would assume any street with one or more million-dollar mansions has to be expensive by nature, but individual homes aren’t the only reason for high-priced neighborhoods. Zillow found that the names of streets play a role in your property’s value.

In actuality, location is usually the reason for an ultra-expensive street name, and median home values follow suit. Additionally, the street name suffix often indicates whether a street is steep in price. The most high-value street names suffixes are “way” and “place.” They comprise only 4 percent of street name suffixes across the nation and surpass “street,” “boulevard” and “avenue” in value.

But what other factors determine a pricey street name? Check out the top 10 most expensive street names in Colorado and the towns in which they are located.

Note: Home values for each street name is averaged across all CO streets with that same name, equaling the median value. Data only includes streets with 10 or more homes.


Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Vail is a world-renowned ski destination. Home shoppers in Vail shouldn’t be shocked to encounter expensive home prices since the city is a well-known resort town. In fact, the median home value is $776,800 and the median monthly rent is $2,790. To give you an idea of how these numbers stack up to the national housing prices, the U.S. median home value is only $178,400 and the U.S. median monthly rent is $1,364.

  • Mill Creek Circle is the most expensive street name in the entire state of Colorado with a median home value of $19,247,437.


Aspen is another top destination for snow sport enthusiasts, and is home to six of the top 10 street names in Colorado. Homebuyers should be prepared for steep listing prices when shopping throughout Aspen, as the median list price of homes is $2,600,000. Here are the most expensive street names in Aspen and how they rank in the entire state:

  • Eagle Pines Drive is the number one most expensive street name in Aspen, but holds the number two spot in Colorado as a whole. The median home value on Eagle Pines Drive is $15,129,242.
  • Willoughby Way is number three in the state with a median home value of $13,254,204.
  • Oak Ridge Drive is the fifth most expensive street name in Colorado. The median home value is $11,936,362.
  • Hunter Creek Road comes just after Oak Ridge Drive to claim the number six spot in Colorado. The median home value is $11,540,265.
  • Roaring Fork Road is in the seventh spot, with a median home value of $11,050,979.
  • Red Mountain Road is the last of the top 10 expensive street names in Colorado with a median home value of $9,396,421.

Beaver Creek

Located in Eagle County, the unincorporated community of Beaver Creek is just south of the city of Avon. As is standard in Colorado, Beaver Creek has some top-notch skiing resorts for travelers and residents alike. If you’re looking to relocate to Avon, anticipate pricey homes values of $505,000 with median monthly rents of $3,300, and some peak-priced homes on a couple expensive streets.

  • Strawberry Park Court is the fourth most expensive street name in Colorado with a median home value of $12,420,760. Zillow’s national analysis ranked the street name of Strawberry Park Court at number six, when averaged across all streets with that name across the country.
  • Strawberry Park Road is the eighth most expensive street name in Colorado and the median home value is $10,203,349.


Compared to the aforementioned cities in Colorado, house hunting in Englewood is more affordable with a citywide median home value of $265,800. The median monthly rent is also relatively fair at $1,719.

  • Cherry Hills Park Drive is the ninth most expensive street in Colorado with a median home value of $9,400,516 – which is far outside Englewood’s median price.


So what are the takeaways of these findings? Well, for one, if you want to be able to say you live on the most expensive street in Colorado, and you have about $19 million sitting around, Mill Creek Circle in Vail is your new home. If you want to calculate a mortgage for a median-priced home on Mill Creek Circle, the 20 percent down payment would be $3,849,487 and your monthly mortgage would cost around $100,043, assuming a 4.176 percent interest rate.

On the whole, street names tend to be more valuable than street numbers nationwide. This finding is clearly true in Colorado, with all top 10 most expensive street names excluding numbered streets.

Most Expensive Street Names in Colorado


Street Name

Median Home Value


Mill Creek Circle



Eagle Pines Drive



Willoughby Way



Strawberry Park Court



Oak Ridge Drive



Hunter Creek Road



Roaring Fork Road



Strawberry Park Road



Cherry Hills Park Drive



Red Mountain Road


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